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Shmelevsky is a Ukrainian brand of handcrafted hats that focuses on working with shape creating modern hats with unconventional designs that easy to wear. Each piece is handmade-to-order and sculpturing by hands only. The entire process is performed by a designer and creative director Stas Shmelvsky himself, combining traditions of European and American millinery techniques.

All hats made of natural straw and decorated with a cotton and linen bands. The main feature of those ribbons is the knotted stitches, hand-sewn with a colonial knot — 21 for one ribbon. Each hat is handmade-to-order and creating without the help of pads in a manner resembling the creation of sculptures, when the shape of the hat sculpturing by hands only, giving it a unique body each time. The entire process — from sculpting the shape to sewing the band — is performed by a designer and a creative director of the brand Stas Shmelevsky himself, combining traditions of European and American millinery techniques.
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